With several dogs over 50lb and two indoor cats, Pelican Mobile has now given us the option of comprehensive check-ups without multiple vet trips. This saves time and stress on our pets – one of which gets carsick within seconds; not to mention exposure to/worry about their behaviour around other animals. Dr. (Michael) Paul is a leading expert in prevention of zoonotic and animal parasitic disease – as well as a superb practitioner. Dr. (Georgia) Paul is likewise passionate in her care for her patients; stays current on clinical advances; and she always give us clear options and answers. Before establishing Pelican Mobile, she worked in St. Maarten, where she diagnosed a tumor on our dog’s leg in 2013. They gave us the option of amputation instead of euthanasia, along with a therapeutic regimen to minimise its spread. We trusted her advice and skills; and the dog is still walking today, as if fully adjusted. This great team has given us the results and the confidence that our pets are getting the best possible care.